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Have You Made The Mane Choice?



Ever wondered how some of your favorite celebrities get their mane so long and healthy? It may be a result of The Mane Choice.

A growing list of celebrities have already made the switch and have been raving about the hair care line and vitamins.

Founded in 2008 by Courtney Adelye, The Mane Choice provides women with a healthier option in maintaining beautiful natural hair.

The products, which consist of vitamins, hair care moisturizers and lotions, oils, shampoos and conditioners, was tested by Adelye herself and overseen by her husband Dr. Adebowale Adeleye M.D.

In her mission to remain chemical-free, Adeleye says that it was initially challenging to find products to manage and maintain natural hair.

The company’s official website adds, “More than a beauty brand, every product was scientifically formulated to nourish and grow beautiful, natural hair. Unnecessary ingredients were replaced with more natural, organic ingredients that studies have revealed to benefit healthy hair growth and retention for all hair types.”

Celebrity users, who’ve provided their own testimonials, include Teyana Taylor, Chilli, and reality star Mimi Faust, just to name a few.

Here’s what they had to say.


Ok Ladies so since you’ve ALL been asking & i love my lady supporters heres my secret to keeping my hair healthy, long & thick!!!! … In my line of work I often change my hair styles, even when i wanna add of couple of extensions from my hairline #TaylordtexturesByMyExtensionz …… to my hair from time to time when i wanna feel like Diana Ross…. HOWEVER it is also STILL important to take care of my hair & protect it weather i wear it out & natural or weaved. Sooooo to keep it healthy I’ve been taking @CourtneyNaturalHair Manetabolism ™ for some time now & i LOVEEEEE IT!!! Soooooo make sure u Check out @themanechoice if you want to join in!


For anyone wanting to grow their hair out or looking 4 something to reduce shedding, I use @themanechoice hair vitamins & their green tea conditioning mask. The vitamins have great ingredients that help stimulate growth & this conditioning mask cuts down on excessive shedding and promotes GROWTH! That’s what we want!


I’m all about hair growth and promoting healthy hair. So Im very excited about trying @themanechoice hair vitamins – Ive heard so many great things!! #TeamPurpleBottle #TheManeChoice #Manetabolism

To find out more about the variety of products the line offers and some of those burner questions you may have, visit The Mane Choice.

Sweethearts, have you also made The Mane Choice? If so, what were some of your results?


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