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Did Remy Ma Get Plastic Surgery To Enhance Her Look?



In the weeks leading up to her release from prison and soon-there-after, Remy Ma was a hot topic of discussion.

After releasing some new music and doing a number of interviews upon her release from prison last summer, things have died down a bit for the rapper. But, Remy is making news again. This time, rumors have emerged that the rapstress may have just undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance.

Here are some recent photos shared by the rapper herself on her official Instagram profile. Remy appears to have undergone breast augmentation, a possible nose job, and maybe even liposuction to slim her waist.




Now here are some past photos of the rapper, including one post prison at last summer’s Hot 97’s Powerhouse concert.




Honestly, we actually don’t see any major differences since her release. In fact, we believe Remy may have just gotten a new makeup artist whose doing some major contouring on her face, she may have even gotten a really good push up bra and waist trainer, lol.

Call it giving her the benefit of the doubt but I wouldn’t be so quick to say she’s had any work done until she confirms it.

Sweethearts, you be the judge Do you believe Remy got some work done?

(Photos: Instagram)


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