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Kenya Moore Shares Cease & Desist Letter From Nene Leakes



It’s no secret that Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes are not friends — something we’ve bared witness to on the popular reality show.

It does come as a surprise, however, that Leakes has issued a cease and desist letter, through her attorneys, to Moore over statements she claims defames her character. In fact, the letter was issued just days after Moore’s 44th birthday (January 24, 2015).

Here’s a copy of the cease and desist letter.

As per TattleTailzz.com “…NeNe’s law firm have sent Kenya a cease and desist letter for making “false, destructive and defamatory statements” against her.
Kenya, who turned 44 on Saturday, posted the letter on her Instagram page Tuesday claiming it was Nene’s way of saying Happy Birthday!

Served or nah?? Funny how the so called legal documents doesn’t have Nene’s real name, but ok…..Kenya Moore posted her “storyline” cease and desist letter via instagram, guess she is securing her spot on the reality show. But does Kenya really have to share EVERYTHING online??

Much of the blog’s sentiments has been reiterated by fans of foes of the Moore and the show.

But what’s really got us vexed? Hmmmm… isn’t Leakes known as one of the shadiest and slick talkers of the housewives crew? Could she really have been offended by anything Moore had to say? If she really sent the letter, we call it blatant hypocrisy.

Here are some noteworthy quotes from Kenya’s statements on Nene’s behavior during Kandi’s sex party and the cast’s trip to Puerto Rico and dinner.

Bravotv.com: Were you surprised that NeNe gave you the cold shoulder at Kandi’s party?
KM: They spent my first season accusing me of being bipolar, and yet you see examples time and time again of this out-of-the-blue, flippant, erratic behavior from NeNe. I can say that nothing surprises me anymore coming from NeNe. The bottom line is she and her beastly gang don’t want to like me. So the queen of “keeping it real” manages to keep it real fake yet again.

Bravotv.com: How were you feeling after the dramatic dinner?

KM: Even though I’m chocolate, I was in need of some sun from all that shade! Honestly it was embarrassing to see NeNe be so vulgar. I had to apologize to Claudia on their behalf, because no woman should be subjected to such denigrating remarks or attacks on her character.

Bravotv.com: Were you shocked when Claudia called out Porsha on the bus?

KM: I wasn’t shocked that Claudia called her out. She laughed at Claudia, not with her, at the dinner table after NeNe’s crass comments. Furthermore, most if not all of the women have remarked about her sugar daddy, and it seems as though Claudia was fed up at their double standards and called her out for it. Her point being that everyone wants to call her a whore, but by the definition, you can draw your own conclusions about whom that applies to based upon the facts, not rumors.

To read Moore’s full interview head over to Bravo.com.


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