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Girl Boss: Meet Fitness & Nutrition Expert Janvieve Naemani



Working out and staying in shape can be very difficult. It’s often why we rely on experts to keep us informed and motivated on just how to do so and to overcome the difficulties of living a healthier lifestyle.

One such expert? Meet fitness, nutrition, wellness expert and author Janvieve Naemani. Naemani, whose made it her life’s mission to help women and men stay in shape and remain motivated, spoke with us about how she made the necessary changes in her own life and what has kept her motivated.

Cotten Kandi: How did your career as a fitness and nutrition expert get started?

Janvieve Naemani: My career as a fitness and nutrition expert started officially when I ran track in high school, I received a track scholarship and always loved to run, dance and workout. So I decided to incorporate dance in my workouts instead of just weight lifting. Back in 2001, I became a Personal Trainer at Crunch, Bally’s and various gyms before finding my niche and venturing out on my own in 2003. I have been a trainer for 14 years now.

CK: What was your break-through that helped in motivating you to change your life?

JN: My breakthrough was my divorce. I learned how to LOVE ME again and the fact that I left my marriage with $12 to my name and two children to feed and knowing that with FAITH, I could make it on my own.

CK: What are some of your biggest fitness goals and accomplishments?

JN: My biggest fitness goals are to be a WORLD RENOWNED FITNESS CELEBRITY, to have all types of AMAZING PRODUCTS for every need. My accomplishments are self publishing my book and getting myself on GOOD DAY NEW YORK and raising two children as a single mom who’s son is starting college and my daughter is in high school.

CK: Name a few of your celebrity clients and how you’ve help them reach their fitness goals?

JN: I can’t disclose the names of my private celebrity clients.

CK: What advice would you give those finding it difficult to get in shape for the New Year and top 3 essentials for taking the first step to get in shape?

JN: Advice for those finding it difficult to get in shape for the NEW YEAR would be to REMEMBER why you started in the first place, lay your fitness clothes out at night, keep healthy snacks in your car or desk and create a vision board of how you want to look and all the things you want to manifest into your life.

CK: Tell us a little about your book, Single, Sexy & Satisfied. What inspired you to write it and give us some details about what we can expect from reading the book?

JN: What inspired me to write my book was because I was MARRIED, CONFUSED & MISERABLE. I knew that I had to SHARE my story with the WORLD in hopes that I would INSPIRE as many as I could through my TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS.
To show others that no matter your “SITUATION”, especially as a single parent that you can STILL GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS, no matter who many times you get knocked down. IF you can look up, you can get up!

CK: Recently you announced you’ll be writing your second book, what will it be about/title?

JN: At this time, the titles are up in the air, however, my second book promises to bring the SEXY, FIT AND FEARLESSNESS OUT OF YOU!

CK: We see that you use to do some commercial modeling. Do you still model and if so, what kind of modeling do you do now?

JN: Well, being an Author, Trainer and Lifestyle Coach are my main focus right now. Any modeling would be geared towards fitness. My dream is to have a billboard in times square.

CK: What are some of your upcoming projects/goals for the New Year?

JN: My upcoming projects and goals for the New Year are my new website, books, t-shirts, online training and fitsexylife bootcamps in various states.

CK: Where can our readers find you (websites/social media)? And is there anything else you’d like to share?

JN: Readers can check out my BIO, BOOK, VIDEOS & MORE at singlesexyandsatisfied.com.


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