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New Evidence Discredits Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Accuser



Amidst speculation that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted and drugged over two dozen women, new evidence suggest that one the comedian and actor’s accusers was lying.

In a recent statement, issued by Cosby’s attorney, Chloe Goins lied about her accusations and there’s even proof to discredit Ms. Goins’ statements.

As per Tattle Tailzz

On Wednesday, Chloe Goins and her attorney publicly accused Bill Cosby of assaulting Ms. Goins in 2008 at the “Midsummer Night’s Party” held at the Playboy Mansion in California. The party took place on August 9, 2008. Mr. Cosby was in New York on that date. We will be providing documentary evidence to the appropriate authorities which conclusively establishes Mr. Cosby’s whereabouts on August 9th and for the preceding and succeeding days.

Bill Cosby wasn’t even in California…….That’s how you silently shut these false accusations down…..What a way to start off opening night in Colorado, with proof that your accusers are lying…..and gracefully thank your loyal fans!!!

If true, we wonder how many more of Coby’s accusers may have fabricated the entire story. Very troubling, wouldn’t you agree?

What are your thoughts, sweethearts?!


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