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Rumor Has It, Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio Are Dating



Another day, another dollar, and, another rumor. This time, it’s pop star Rihanna and actor Leonardo DiCaprio who are the culprits. Rumor has it, the two are now dating.

We know what you’re thinking. The pairing of the two seems pretty odd right?

The rumors began following reports that the two were spotted kissing at a party at the Playboy Mansion last week.

Although there is no word, except for an eyewitness or two, if the reports are even true, the “couple” is said to have been spotted again, Wednesday night, in Los Angeles.

The photo below is believed to be a sighting of the actor and singer. Not much to go on, but, it appears they may have been leaving or arriving at the same hotel.


We’re not sure what to believe here sweethearts. Leo and Rih, really?

The rumors seem pretty far-fetched. For now, we’re gonna just call this just another rumor.


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