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A Guide To Finding Mr. Right: Lower Your Expectations



As women approach their late twenties and early thirties, the task of finding a mate, if you don’t already have one, becomes high on the priorities list. Some may even call this a period of potential desperation.

For most of us, our twenties are spent figuring out career goals and settling into adulthood, post college. If you’re lucky enough to already be in a committed relationship, at this point, you’re already ahead of the pack.

Let me be clear, however. Lowering your expectations to find a mate isn’t exactly a bad thing. Perhaps, “lowering expectations” isn’t exactly the best wording. How about have more realistic expectations of the kind of mate you want to find and think about what you may also need to bring to the table.

Gone are the days when women solely rely on their husbands to be the breadwinners. In fact, most homes now require a two salary income. Ladies, when you think about the kind of man you want to marry, think about what it is, exactly, that you want. I also want you to consider and ask yourself what it is that you contribute in comparison to this list. This should not only include your pros but your shortcomings as well. Think about this for a minute.

Whatever shortcomings you want your potential mate to overlook or be willing to “work with” you should also be willing to do the same. Don’t spend your twenties with such high expectations of what you want in a man that you turn away a man with potential only to settle for Mr. Good Enough.

In an article written by Joe Welkie, last October, featured on the EliteDaily.com, he details Why Girls In Their 20s Are Single And Will Remain Single.

He writes, “Part of the reason you are single is because you won’t acknowledge you have flaws that need to be worked on. Despite what people are telling you, you aren’t perfect just the way you are; no one is.”

He adds, “If you keep reciting, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best,” and you think it gives you clearance to act like an assh*le whenever you want, then guess what? You’re an assh*le, and no one wants to date you.”

What is it that Welkie is trying to say? How about compromise. Be willing to compromise on that expectations list and you just may find the one right for you.


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