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Safaree Samuels Talks Split With Nicki Minaj, Says He Introduced Her To Meek Mill



Safaree Samuels visited Power 105.1 radio station, Tuesday morning, to clarify his messy split from rapper Nicki Minaj. The couple’s breakup spilled onto social media back in December when the two began tweeting subliminal messages to one another. The rapstress even accused her now ex of trying to exploit her to build his own music career.

He tells The Breakfast Club that it was actually he who walked away from the 14 year relationship. He explains that Nicki began treating him more like an employee than her man and that he no longer felt respected.

It’s also well known that Samuels served as the rappers music producer and writer on a number of her projects.

Samuels goes on to clarify that they simply outgrew each other but still feels that Nicki is his soul mate. He adds that he’s now ‘learning to walk or crawl again.’

As for Minaj, in the last week she’s begun to flaunt her new relationship with fellow rapper, Meek Mill.

Safaree says he has nothing but love for Nicki and wants to see her move on and be happy, but he does have an issue with her publicly trying to bring him down and call him out for being ‘corny’ because he would never do that to her. Lastly, he introduced her to Meek Mill. – Tattle Tailzz

Check out the full interview below and share your thoughts.


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