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Toya Wright & Memphitz Headed For A Divorce?



Rumor has it, Toya Wright and Mickey “Memphitz” Wright are on the brink of a divorce. Although the couple, whose relationship was documented during Toya’s former reality show, seemed to have been going strong, that may not be the truth.

Following speculation that the marital bliss had faded after sightings of Toya without her wedding ring, the music producer and A&R executive released a string of heartbroken images and emotional messages on social media. Spectators took his messages as confirmation that he and his wife are, in fact, going through a difficult time.

Sharing his thoughts on the difficulties of having a public marriage he wrote, “All I’ma say is this public marriage thing ain’t for every1. Sh*t is hard,” he wrote. “But when love let you down you let love go. Who do I trust? Who do I depend on? ME! Just be happy. Happy fukin new year!”

Upon sharing a second distraught image he again wrote, “love lost. life is life.”

As for his reality star wife? Toya has kept quiet following the speculation and her husband’s rants.

The social media posts have since been deleted.

The couple’s 2011 wedding was televised on the couple’s then BET reality show.

Head over to Sandra Rose for more details on the couple’s marital problems.

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