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Why Do Major Media Outlets Opt For Sensationalism Instead of Traditional Journalism?



I came across this article and wanted to share it with my readers. The author posed this question, “Why is the media allowed to create havoc, disrupt neighbors, harass other humans without conscience?”

Here was her response…

I am a blogger- many people do not consider “us” real journalist. However, I am an educated woman that knows right from wrong, I have integrity, I love to write, inform and reveal the truth. I believe in going above and beyond to do my job, and to do the right thing. As Gary E. Knell once stated “the most powerful teacher on the planet is media” with that being said, why is the media allowed to invade, crucify, lie and destroy people’s lives, families and legacies?
It is so unfortunate that anyone can say anything, at any time about any black man without reprimand.

Bill Cosby is mostly known amongst my generation for being the world’s favorite TV dad, Dr. Huxtable an educated black physician who supported and raised his family- yes we know it was TV but he represented all families and all races.

On the other hand, the white guy, I can’t even remember his name you know, the pastor and father from “7th Heaven,” who recently admitted to child molestation – why isn’t the media crucifying him, why is his show still airing?

Think about it

Why do people feel the need to invade people’s privacy, enter into the boundaries and personal space?

I can mention at least three separate incidents, where so called professional journalist have tried to aggravate, pursue, and demolish Bill Cosby’s privacy and reputation.

I believe in going above and beyond for an exclusive story, but this is just lawless and ridiculous:

Washington Post Reporter: Standing outside of the Cosby’s Massachusetts Home sees a Fed-Ex Guy pulls up and asked, “How can I get one of those uniforms to sneak into the Cosby’s Compound?

(Really, is that ethical? That sounds like breaking and entering….)

‎Washington Post Reporter: Has requested a copy of the Cosby’s Contract with the National African American Arts Museum – Smithsonian Institute. Also, has tried to use it’s media to get the Cosby’s Art Collection, which is called “Conversations” removed and has called the collection ‘grumpy’ in order to discourage the public to view.

Can you see the contract-what??? Is he an attorney?, Can he authorize those files, or better yet is he an art expert?

People Magazine Reporter: Has been approaching the Cosby’s neighbors requesting them to tell “negative” things about Bill Cosby, funny thing is the neighbors all had great things to say.

But isn’t that trespassing?? Who regulates who? Where is the justice, or the cops when we need them?

Sweethearts, do you agree or disagree with what the author had to say? Why or why not?

Source: Tattle Tailzz


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