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Lil Kim’s Daughter’s Father, Mr. Papers, Taunts Her With Nicki Minaj Photo



Lil Kim please come get your daughter’s father. Mr. Papers is being a big ole “messy jessie.” In full on “mitch move” mode, Papers shared a half nude photo of Kim’s nemesis, Nicki Minaj, Tuesday night, on his Instagram with the words, “Well Damn!…..” He even tagged Minaj in the photo in an attempt to get her attention.

Here’s the image Papers shared of Minaj during a recent photo spread.


So messy!

We’re not sure what Papers was thinking, but, it’s clear he knew very well the image would cause controversy.

Rumor has it, the couple have been broken up for some time now. We also hear, Kim dumped the aspiring rapper when she suspected him of using her to enhance his career. It’s unfortunate considering the couple welcomed a baby girl together, Royal Reign, just this past summer.

Here’s Kim and Papers during happier times.


We wonder what Kim will have to say about this.


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