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J. Cole Releases “2014 Forest Hill Drive” (Get A Copy)



Let me first say, I am not giving away free copies of J. Cole‘s latest album, “2014 Forest Hill Drive.” If the title is misleading I apologize because that was not my intentions. What I want you to do is to purchase a copy!

I love R&B. That is my musical preference. Although I do like many Hip Hop artists and singles, I can’t say wholeheartedly that I am a die-hard Hip Hop fan. However, I want you all to support this man and here’s why.

While preparing for his album release, J. Cole has been pretty low key while recording and preparing for the release. When he has been spotted at public functions, as of late, many of those sightings have been at rallies, protests and marches to fight for justice for the Trayvon Martins, Oscar Grants, and now, the Eric Garners and Mike Browns of the world. These unarmed black men, who’ve been killed at the hands of law enforcement, won’t see another day to kiss and hug their families, provide and/or make a difference.

Artists and public figures like J. Cole, because I’m fully aware that he is not the only one, have decided to use their celebrity status and art to fight for the people not just collect fans to support their pockets.

This morning I shared the above image with these words…

While preparing the release of his album, J Cole has used his time to be among the people and fight for justice (and still fighting) to walk with those in Ferguson and New York City in honor of the #MikeBrowns and #EricGarners, instead, of solely focusing on marketing and trying to sell his image, and brand in hopes of impressive album sales. In hindsight he CARES. Point.Blank.Period! Entertainment is entertainment and we can’t always pressure celebrities and public figures to take on roles and speak publicly on topics that may be deemed controversial, but, it’s a relief to see one that does despite the need to be politically correct and liked. @realcoleworld we salute you and thank you! #SweetHearts get a copy!

For these reasons, I want you all to go out and support this man and his art. We need public figures who won’t fear public backlash or any personal hang ups they may have and are willing to speak on things that matter when they matter. Cole has done that and for that reason I will support him today. Will you?


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