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8 Tips On Being Your Most Productive Self



1. Wake up earlier: If you’re not a morning person, waking up earlier can totally be a hard task, but just think about how much more productive you can be if you a) allocate your time more effectively and b) value your own time in order to execute better time management.

2. Exercise (typically in the morning): Much like waking up earlier, if you’re not a very active person then the very thought of exercising can be exhausting. However, I can assure you, exercising before getting your day started gives you more energy. Studies have proven that stimulating your mind and body physically before beginning your day gets your adrenaline pumping; helping to give you the kind of motivation you need to stay energized through-out the day.

3. Eating smaller portions (healthier foods/snacks): Eating healthier and more balanced meals are great for your health for many reasons. I’d also like to add, eating smaller meals through-out the day as well. Eating lighter and healthier meals will help you in feeling less weighted down and tired. Foods high in processed carbohydrates and sugars will often leave you feeling bloated. They also leave you feeling less satisfied and you’ll get hungry even faster, leading to cravings. Needless to say, eating a well balanced and smaller portion sizes will help to keep your energy up and you more productive through out the day.

4. Prepare a schedule /make lists: Preparing a schedule and making a list of your daily tasks will help you tremendously in staying on track. Not only will you be better able to remember those tasks, but, you’ll be better able in managing your time and tracking to make sure you’ve complete each task on the list. And while multitasking is good, focusing on one thing at a time may make your work more efficient. I also suggest making a note of the most important tasks first. You may not always get through your entire list in a day but you’ll want to, at least, get the most important ones completed.

5. Take breaks through out the day: It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed with any given task or project. For that very reason, it is important to take mini breaks through out your day. Research has shown that you are more productive when you’re able to take a break and recoup before diving back into a project than trying to complete it in one shot. You’ll be better alert and able to focus as a result.

6. Back away from social media: With social media sites being the driving force of social engagements these days, it’s pretty hard to not stay digitally connected. In fact, with so many businesses now going digital staying off line may seem almost impossible at times. However, much like taking mini breaks to recoup and refocus through the day the same can be said of social media. As fun as they can be at times, social media sites are also time consuming. They can serve as distractions and before you know it an entire day has gone by browsing the net. It’s important to “detox”, if you will, to regain focus of your task and alert.

7. Watch less TV: Yes, this includes your favorite reality show. TV time, as entertaining and relaxing as it can also be, can rob you of spending your time more productively. One hour turns into two, two into four and before you know it, you’ve wasted an entire day on your couch (trust me I know). Is there an important program you’d like to watch? If it can wait, your best bet is to TiVo it or use DVR. There’s nothing worst than feeling like you’ve wasted a day or the time you can’t get back from being too lethargic.

8. Get to bed earlier: This is pretty self explanatory. In order to get an early start to your day, it is important to get enough rest. While a minimum of eight hours is the recommended amount, that can be pretty difficult when you have a demanding career and family life. However, it is still very important to get as much rest as possible to get up, get out and maximize your fullest potential.

Written By: Ms. Toni (Founder)
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