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Tiny Kicks Off Tiny’s Tequila Launch With New Commercial



Tameka “Tiny” Harris is at it again with a new business venture. This time, the singer, reality TV star and entrepreneur is launching her very own tequila, appropriately titled Tiny’s Tequila.

Tiny was joined by her friends, including American Idol and Grammy award winner Fantasia Barrino and reality TV star Toya Wright during a filming for her Tequila launch and commercial — set to debut on NBC on Saturday, November 29, 2014 during the Bayou Classic football game.

The commercial and campaign is a celebration of women and will show the ladies enjoying themselves over drinks, taking selfies, talking and laughing.


Tiny’s Ladies Night Out’s official website will also provide behind the scenes footage of the commercial, and information to sign up for special events and giveaways, including the possibility to win a free all expense paid trip on the Grown & Sexy Cruise in January.

For more on “Tiny’s Ladies Night Out” and the tequila launch head over to tinysladiesnightout.com and TinysTequila.com.


You can also watch a sneak preview of the Tiny’s Ladies Night Out event below.


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