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Mike Brown’s Mother Leslie McSpadden Reacts to No Indictment Ruling, “They never gone care!”



Following the announcement that Ferguson County police officer Darren Wilson will not be charged for the shooting that left unarmed St. Louis, MO teen Michael Brown dead, millions of Americans were left speechless.

The news was even more disheartening for Brown’s mother, Leslie McSpadden, who went on an emotional rant in her pain and anger at the decision made by the grand jury in the case.

She rants…

Some of you mother**kers think this is a joke! They think this a f**kin joke!

They want him back in Ferguson…I can’t get nobody back!

They wrong! Y’all know y’all wrong!

Everybody want me to be calm….do you know how those bullets hit my son?! What they did to his body as they entered his body?!

Ain’t nobody had to live through what I had to live through! But, ya’ll wanna come with your little f**ked up a** comments!

Why? Why? They still don’t care! They never gone care!

Watch the clip below and share your thoughts.

(Photo: Getty Images/Spotted: ICC)


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  • George Murrey

    Nothing like bridging the racial gap by using all kinds of adjectives that would burn adult ears, but even worse for children’s ears. I’m glad she’s not my mommy.