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Timbaland Reveals Talk With Aaliyah Movie Actress Alexandra Shipp



As we previously reported, rapper and producer Timbaland went on a social media rant over the weekend during the premiere of Lifetime’s Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B. On Wednesday, Timbaland stopped by The Breakfast Club to further explain his reason for doing so.

During his interview, he explained that although he did not watch the biopic, from what he was able to learn about the film, it lacked credibility. He also explained that neither himself, Missy or Aaliyah’s family was consulted for the production of the film and he felt that some things are off guard, using Aaliyah’s alleged relationship with singer R. Kelly while she was still underage as an example.

He also reveals being contacted by actress Alexandra Shipp who starred as the late singer and actress. He says that he doesn’t hold it against her for her portrayal in the role but thought it wasn’t a wise decision and advise her to do her research in the future.

Timb also talked about his new artist Tink and his excitement to work with the very talented 19 year old and says his love for music has been restored. He also reveals that he wants to better serve as a mentor and no longer as an artist himself.

Check out the full interview below and share your thoughts.


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