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“RHOA” Season 7, Episode 2 Recap



Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was one for the books! Cynthia took it upon her self to step out of her comfort zone and bring her sexy back. She is featured topless in her new give page magazine spread where she is embracing her body. On the other hand, Mama Joyce never seems to get over her anti Todd phase.

Mama Joyce feels like she needs her own house due to the fact that Todd may kick Kandi out in the future — a situation we think would never happen. Of course, Kandi wants to keep her manipulative mother happy and does so!

Also, from last week’s episode we see that Apollo is calling it quits in his marriage to Phaedra Parks. Instead of fixing his marriage during his last few weeks of going to prison for identity fraud and scams, you would think he would be fixing things with his wife right? No, Apollo is now trying to mend things with Kenya! Yes, Kenya, the one that he has been accused of having an affair with.

Well, Apollo openly apologizes to Kenya for wrongly going along with the accusations of having any type of relations with
her. This automatically broke Kenya down because these harsh words that were thrown at her during these accusation certainly contradicted the type of women she is. Kenya not only accepts the apology from Apollo but demands that Phaedra apologizes as well. We will only see how Phaedra will respond to the lies of her husband and also having to apologize to a woman who she constantly argued with.

What are your thoughts sweethearts? Did you watch Sunday’s RHOA episode? Share your thoughts!

Written By : Abby Salami


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