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Ginuwine Going Broke Post Divorce From Sole



Ginuwine was one of the biggest R&B stars from the 90s and early 2000s. He’s sold over 7 million albums and had major hit records, but now the “Pony” singer is on the verge of filing bankruptcy. Ginuwine aka Elgin Lumpkin’s lawyer, Bruce Beckner, admitted that the singer is broke due to his divorce from rapper, Sole, and that he also owes a lot of money in back taxes.

“Mr. Lumpkin is very close to declaring bankruptcy. He owes my firm a ton of money and a bunch of other people a ton of money. He owes Uncle Sam 300-odd thousand dollars in back income taxes.

According to his lawyer, his recent divorce from Sole is what depleted most of his finances. The couple had been experiencing relationship tension for awhile, but were very quiet about their divorce.

Ginuwine is also currently being sued by executive producer Robert Reives, from his hit album “The Bachelor”. Reives claims that he’s owed $250,000 in royalties from a $1.25 million dollar album deal Ginuwine signed with Sony.

Well we wish Ginuwine the best of luck during this time!

Written By: Athena Thomas


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