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Tyler Perry Sues Former Male Employee For Stalking Him



Tyler Perry is suing his former employee, Joshua Sole, for $125,000 for allegedly stalking him. The 27 year old male model was arrested on October 31st for trespassing at Tyler Perry Studios.

It was reported that when Sole was unable to reach Perry, he climbed into a window and barricaded himself inside the office for several hours. Officers arrested Sole, however, Perry wanted a more harsher punishment.

Perry stated in the lawsuit that Joshua Sole has caused “discomfort and annoyance caused by the diminished value of peaceful enjoyment.” He is asking for 100k in damages and 25k to cover legal fees. He has also requested a 500 feet ban and that Sole seeks physiological treatment and evaluation. He claimed his former employee was “stubbornly litigious, or acted in bad faith, or caused the plaintiff unnecessary trouble and expense.”

Weird huh, what do you think sweethearts?

Written By: Jazmine Abner

(Photo Credit: Kontrol Mag)


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