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Mike Tyson Talks Being Sexually Abused (Video)



During an interview with Sirius XM Opie’s radio show last week, to promote his show “Mike Tyson Mysteries,” Mike Tyson revealed being sexually abused at just seven years old. When asked how he became a boxer, Tyson expressed that being bullied and abused led him to be a fighter.

Via New York Daily News:

“I was a little kid, 7,” Tyson told co-host Jim Norton. “Old man, yea.”

“Was it one time or ongoing?” Norton asked.

“No, one time,” Tyson said. “Never seen him again….snatched me off the street.”

“He abused you and just let you go or did you escape?” Norton said.

“Well, I ran,” Tyson said.

Ironically Tyson would later be convicted of rape in 1992 and sentenced to six years in prison. He was released in 1995.

On his reason for not disclosing the information before Tyson adds that it was “nobody’s business to know.”

Watch the interview below and share your thoughts.



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