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Raven Symone Says “Stop Bullying Me!”



After revealing to Oprah, last month during a ‘Where Are They Now?’ interview, that she wanted to be rid of labels including being called African American, Raven Symone has faced much criticism and backlash. Although she later elaborated on her comments, making it clear that she was not trying to deny her black heritage, there’s been little progress as it how the statements have negatively affected her image.

Raven is now speaking out against the backlash and the cyber bullying she’s faced. Taking to her official Facebook page she writes,

I don’t take offense to those that are mad at my personal opinion of myself. Like before, I’m glad there are conversations happening. Our generation tends to stay comfortable ,at times, with issues and topics that need to be addressed.

QUESTION: If we are taught not to repeat history by learning it. Why do we continue to repeat? We must not be learning it correctly.

What does irritate me is the bulling tone towards myself and other opinions in the blog. Keep your disrespectful, mean, hurtful, words in a diary for yourself. Personal attacking is not needed, and no matter what race, nationality, culture, or womb you came out of; strive for respect. Strive to be virtuous, so the conversation can lead to great things, other things.

Our ancestors of all races had the courage to stand up for what they believed in no matter what the fight. Back then I hope the motto wasn’t…”the more haters the better”

We have reached a standstill in our progression as Humans. Let’s have a floor of RESPECT, KINDNESS, OPENMINDED-nESS. Showing your disagreement with my personal comments by using language you were not allowed to use as a child is just.

My momma reads this, and so do others. #bully

Although we completely agree with the actress, unfortunately, we fear it may be too little too late. In fact, some of the actress’ critics feel their comments were justified and aren’t sympathetic to her sentiments nor concerns.

What are your thoughts sweethearts, should Raven have simply kept her comments about not being labeled to herself?

(Source: Raven Symone/Facebook)


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