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When Social Media Goes Too Far: Ray Rice Halloween Costumes



Who ever thought making a Halloween costume to mock the abuse endured by Janay Rice by husband Ray Rice is ignorant and inhumane.

Several months ago, we learned of the unfortunate events of a domestic dispute and attack by Ray Rice onto his then fiance, Janay Palmer, when video footage of the attack was leaked to the media.

During the altercation, Rice punched Janay so forcefully that she passed out in an Atlantic City elevator. When she didn’t come to [as hastily as he would have liked] to exit the elevator, Rice proceeded to drag Palmer outside the elevator.

As a result, the couple were criticized for both their involvement in the fight — Ray for the abuse and Janay for staying and even marrying her abuser. Rice even lost his NFL contract with the Baltimore Ravens when a second footage of the violent attacked, this time much more detailed, was leaked to the press.

Weeks later, although the incident has somewhat subsided, some thought it would be amusing to create Ray Rice Halloween costumes to mock the couple and fight. Most notable is the image presented above. A little boy, adorned in black face, wears a Ray Rice jersey and drags a black dolly alongside him.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, some thought, painting the child’s face in “black face,” added more insult to injury. Others further pointed out that the adults responsible for this poor lack of judgement should not have used the child, concerned that the young child, and others like him, may be impressionable and not fully understand why the costume and image is offensive.

Janay, herself, expressed sadness after seeing the image and negative feedback. She tweeted, “…it’s sad, that my suffering amuses others.”

There’s no doubt that the image and message projected is a perfect example of when social media goes wrong. Thinking it is one thing but putting something so disrespectful out into the universe is an entirely different ordeal. What makes this worst? Using a child as a puppet to perpetuate negativity and violence.

What are your thoughts on the matter sweethearts? We find this very insensitive, offensive and disrespectful to say the least.

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