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Drake Attempts To Fight DC Stripper Over Stolen Chain?



Over the weekend, we were surprised to learn that Drake nearly got into a scuffle while celebrating his 28th birthday at a DC strip club.

Upon a video going viral of the rapper preparing to “put em [someone] in a coffin,” there was very little information as to what took place.

Initially, reports suggested that Drake and his friends had gotten into a dispute with friends of fellow Young Money rapper Tyga. The news didn’t seem farfetched considering it was just last week when Tyga revealed he was not a fan of Drake in his Vibe magazine interview. He further elaborated that he thought the rapper was “fake.” But we’ve since learned that that may not have been true.

Attendees at the strip club, however, began sharing details of the events on social media. Balleralert.com was able to capture this tweet from one such attendee.


The site later followed up to explain that the fight was actually between Drake’s own bodyguard and DJ. “Drakes security got into a fight with Drakes DJ future. Drake didn’t know it was his own security he just knew he’s DJ was fighting so he came back in the club looking for this imaginary person who was supposedly was fighting Future so he could fight them himself but wholetime it was his own security that started the fight.”

The site also adds that they cannot 100% prove that these reports are true but were reported to them as per attendees at the venue.

Watch Drake’s turn up below and share your thoughts.

A video posted by Cotten Kandi (@cottenkandi) on

Can we please have your attention Aubrey Graham? Please stop with these Shenanigans. We all know you won’t be putting your palms on anyone! Better yet, isn’t that’s what your security is for?

What are your thoughts sweethearts, should we just blame it on the liquor?

(Photo/Video: Drake/Instagram)


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