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Toya Wright Disapproves Of Lil Wayne Dating Christina Milian



Toya Wright recently sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV and opened up about how she really feels about her ex-husband Lil’ Wayne, his other baby mamas and rumors he’s dating Christina Milian.

Toya says that she gets along with Lauren London and Nivea the best, adding “we do what we have to do to keep the kids’ relationship good.” She also discussed Nivea’s own comments expressing concern over Wayne now dating Christina Milian and agrees that, “it’s a hot mess.”

Watch Toya’s full interview below.

A few weeks ago we also reported on the couple being spotted in Philly together. We also reported that Milian’s own ex, The Dream, also expressed his disapproval of the relationship.

In case you need the break down, Lil Wayne has four children with four different women, including singer Nivea. Nivea was also married to The Dream, whom she had two other children with. Christina also has a child with The Dream. So….we totally get the disgust and confusion as to why Wayne and Christina thought it was a good idea that they date. These children will start to ask questions and well, would you want to be in the position to explain to them what’s really going on?

What are your thoughts sweethearts?

(Photo/Source: Vlad TV)


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