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President Obama Has Great Comeback to Chicago Voter Teasing “Don’t Touch My Girlfriend”



Despite a beating in the approval ratings and an Ebola outbreak, President Obama still manages to have a great sense of humor. That was evident, Tuesday afternoon, when a voter teased the president and demanded he not touch his girlfriend, a fellow Chicago voter who was casting an early vote alongside the President.

As he walked past the president’s voting booth, Mike Jones, Cooper’s boyfriend, told Obama, “don’t touch my girlfriend.”

“I said, I know you’re Mr. President, but don’t touch my girlfriend,” Jones said afterward.

Yep, Jones teased the president.

“I didn’t know what to say. I was just shaking. I said ‘Oh boy, this is the president. What am I supposed to do?” Cooper said.

Watch the full exchange below and share your thoughts.


You just got to love his sense of humor.



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