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Girl Boss: Meet Wardrobe Stylist Pilar Scratch



With our ‘Girl Boss’ features, we like to introduce our readers to women and “bosses,” we feel, are taking their industries by storm. One such boss is Pilar Scratch. Don’t know who she is? Well, let us introduce you.

What we loved about Pilar’s story, wasn’t the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity and wardrobe stylist, but her triumph during some of the most trying times in her life. Sweethearts, meet Pilar and here’s how she was able to defy the odds and build a successful brand and business.

Cotten Kandi: If a stranger was to ask you right now, ‘Who is Pilar Scratch,’ how would you answer?
Pilar Scratch: With my sarcastic personality if a stranger was to ask who is Pilar Scratch I would say ‘Google Me’ [laughs].

I am a mother, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist , Fashion Designer, Socialite, and Founder of EroPii Eyewear.

CK: When did you know you had an eye for fashion?

PS: The realization that I had an eye for fashion came in the 8th grade. I wasn’t the best dressed child in class; it was actually the complete opposite. I was raised in Newark, New Jersey and I grew up in poverty. The only form of self expression I had was drawing. I literally would doodle all day. My obsession for art converted into me drawing outfits that I wanted to wear on a character I named Ms. Froggy. I was a child; looking back now drawing fashion illustrations was an outlet for everything I was going through. As weird as it sounds, Ms Froggy was the fashionably forward woman I wanted to be. Years later I became her. You’re the first publication I’ve ever told that.

CK: For those who don’t understand, what is a wardrobe stylist and how do you become one?
PS: A Wardrobe stylist is someone who picks garments for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances or any public appearances by politicians, celebrities, models or any public figures.

I didn’t have any formal training to become a wardrobe stylist. I self educated myself on the craft and pursed it. To become a wardrobe stylist I wouldn’t recommend school. Start off as a intern and obtain a mentor in your field and go from there.

CK: How did you start styling particularly for celebrities?
PS: My aunt being Rah Digga made it very easy. Shes an industry and Hip Hop icon. She offered me my first job and from there the rest is history.

CK: Who are some famous or high profile individuals you’ve worked with so far?
PS: As far as styling, booking, managing and product placement, I’ll say the X Factor’s Lyric 145, Vh1 Mama Jones, Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones, Rah Digga, reality stars Ramona Rizzio of Mob Wives, Naomi (MTV Real World), Rasheedah Ali (LHHNY), Spliff Star, Madison Jaye, Jessica Ramo and Breille Califore of Glam Fairy, Tashera Simmons, Tracey Dimarco, Eric Williams, Florina Kaja and Christina Salgato of ‘Bad Girls Club,’ Lisa Raye, Lumidee and Lil Mandeecees (son to Mendeecees Harris of LHHNY).

CK: Anyone you’ve yet to work with?
I’ve yet to work with Rihanna or Jhene Aiko . I’ve attended some of their events but have yet to style them. But, mark my words it will happen.

CK: What are some of your past projects and your greatest accomplishments?
PS: Some of my past projects include styling for the Bet Awards, the 2011 Grammy Awards, TLC’s ‘What Not to Wear,’ the Style Network’s ‘Jerseylicious’ and ‘Glam Fairy,’ I’ve also hosted Brooklyn Fashion Week, Reality Television Awards and an event for Vh1’s Love and Hip Hop.
PS: My greatest accomplishment, however, is my son, River Mason, hands down.

Second to my child, my greatest accomplishment would be not converting into a statistic. I was 19, a single mother, living in a shelter, fighting severe depression. I had no one but River. I wanted him to have better than I did so I fought and decided to pursue my dreams. I overcame that trial in my life.

I went from sleeping in a shelter to walking red carpets. I’m proud of me.

CK: One of your most noteworthy quotes is that you’re a mother first and fashion is your pet, is River Mason (his real name?) your only child and what made you bring him into the modeling and fashion industries?
PS: I love that quote. Lol, yes River is his real name. His full name is Isimen-River Mason Eromosele. His father is Nigerian so we gave him a traditional Nigerian name and a Pilar Scratch original name.

The choice to get my son into the fashion industry came about because he has a diverse look. When he was four months old a casting friend of mine cast him for a Pampers ad and we’ve continued on since.

CK: How many businesses and clothing lines do you manage? And what are their names?
PS: I manage my clothing line “Scratch” and my eye-wear line EroPii Eyewer, launched in August — which has been vastly successful. In my first month alone, I’ve sold about 250 pairs of EroPii Eyewear. In addition to that, I have my son’s line, Ero Beanies.

CK: What future projects are you currently working on?
PS: My future projects, I’m currently looking to publish my first novel in addition to making appearances on reality television.

CK: Where can people find you and/or your work? (Websites/Social Media etc.)

People can find out more about on my official website, pilarscratch.com and blog, pilarscratch.blogspot.com. My Instagram and Twitter accounts are @PilarScratch and River Mason’s Instagram account is @RiverMason_.


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