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Artist Spotlight: Who Is Cash Money’s Newest Artist Veronica V?



We had the opportunity to interview a budding new artist just signed to Cash Money Records, Miss Veronica V. Think Jazmine Sullivan and Shareefa, just to name a few. The raspy yet soulful sound to the singer’s voice is captivating, and, with one listen she’s got you hooked. With current single, “What Happened to Us?” with rapper 2 Chainz garnering much press, the singer has already set her sights on a follow up single release and taking the industry by storm. Sweethearts, meet Veronica V.

Cotten Kandi: When did you know you wanted to pursue a music career?

Veronica V: I knew I wanted to sing when I was 10 years old. I was in a girl group actually, went to my mom and told her I wanted to be in a group with my friends. I wasn’t sure what it would take but once I realized everything that was involved I started taking it more serious.

CK: Who are some artists who’ve inspired you?
VV: As for male artists, I was inspired by Stevie Wonder. And female, Lauryn Hill. She’s just so inspirational. When she put out her solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, she changed the game. The album was life changing. She put out a body of work that is incredible.

CK: How did you get signed to Cash Money Records?
VV: I discovered that Cash Money’s artists and I recorded at the same studio in Miami. The manager I was working with at the time and I met with Ron and I got signed. I was dumbfounded. Cash Money will go down in history as the greatest label to have ever done it. I am honored and motivated to be apart of a great team. I’m thankful.

CK: How were you able to collaborate with 2 Chainz on your current record “What Happened to Us”?
VV: Producer Polow Da Don was actually the one who orchestrated everything to get 2 Chainz to be on single. It was my first record that I’d ever done and I didn’t believe he was gonna be on the record. Recorded the single and the next time I met up with Polo, 2 Chainz had already recorded the verse and was on it.


CK: How would you describe your sound?
VV: I think the best way to describe my sound is Urban R&B, pop but more soulful. I probably won’t ever be super pop but as an artist I also don’t want to put myself in a box. No artist should put themselves in a box really. I’ve also been heavily influenced by gospel music.

CK: Would you ever do a gospel album?
VV: I’m not sure I’d ever do a “gospel gospel” album, more like an inspirational album. I don’t want to call it gospel but I don’t want to call it secular music either but definitely inspirational. I’d actually like to release two albums at the same time. One that’s more R&B and pop driven and the other inspirational.

CK: What do you want people to say about you when they hear your name?
VV: When people say my name I want them to say I’m a humble person. That’s how I was raised. I am a woman of God. Anything I can and can’t do I know that’s because of God. I am a vessel and I am able to do what I do through him.

CK: Are you worried about competition in the industry?
VV: I’m not really worried about any competition. I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that you have to be on point. You have to work out and look good but you have to be able to back it up with your talent. It all comes down to making great music. Like the India Aires and Music Soulchilds, they just make great music.


CK: Who are some current artists that inspire you?
VV: I love, love, love Brandy, Beyonce, she’s awesome. Fantasia. I love Jazmine Sullivan. Jazmine Sullivan is probably the next best artist that can be compared to Lauryn Hill. I just love great music. Any artists out there than can create great music, I love.

CK: Any new music we can look forward to?
VV: I have a new single out, ‘Go’, that I’m starting to promote and get more radio play. It’s a great record produced by a producer named Bigg D. The response has been really great and it kind of samples the late Notorious B.I.G’s record, “Juicy”. I’m completely infatuated with it.

CK: What future projects are you currently working on?
VV: I have a few other projects coming up including a hosting event with rapper and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star Rasheeda. A few things for the remainder of October. I’m also writing for other artists. I write my own songs as well. I’ve teamed up with Flo Rida and have been writing for several of his artists.

CK:What are your active social media handles so people can find you?
VV: People can find me on Twitter at @veronicaymcmb and my Instagram is @veronicavcashmoney.

Listen to Veronica’s new single, “Go,” featuring the late Notorious B.I.G below and share your thoughts.


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