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Phaedra Sparks Confirm Divorcing Apollo On The Ellen Show



For the first time since the arrest and conviction of her husband, Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks is opening up about Nida’s arrest and her decision to move forward with a divorce.

During a sit down interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired on Wednesday, Parks expressed the heartache she feels for her two young sons and not having their father around following his eight year prison sentence for bank and identity fraud.

She also says that for the sake of her children, she has refrained from speaking out negatively about her husband and believed that the man she had married back in 2009 was a changed man following a previous stint in prison for similar charges.

As for allegations she knew of Nida’s crimes, Parks says that she had no idea and was too busy being a mother pursuing another degree to realize her husband had been involved in anything fraudulent. She adds that upon finding out about the charges, Nida initially denied they were true.

As for Nida’s own allegations that she cheated on him, Parks says that that’s absurd and she believes Nida is in an angry place and simply lashing out.

The couple have two young sons together, Ayden and Dylan.

Sweethearts, watch the below clip of Parks’ sit down with the talk show host and share your thoughts.

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(Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show)


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