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Relationship Woos: 5 Signs He’s Cheating



Ladies (and men), have you ever been in a relationship where you suspected your mate of cheating but just wasn’t sure? There are often signs to give us the answers we’re looking for, whether we want it or not. We’ve compiled five telling signs that your mate may be a cheater.

1. He (She) Has Grown More Reclusive – Your mate withdrawing from the relationship is never really a good sign that all is well. Could they have eyes for someone else? No longer invested in the relationship? You may want to ask them or think about why this is happening.

2. You’ve Caught Him (Her) In One Too Many Lies – Lying is a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when you’ve suspected your mate is cheating. If they’re obviously lying to you then there’s something, or someone, they are trying to hide.

3. He (She) Never Takes You Out – Being a relationship where you are your mate’s “best kept secret” probably isn’t much of a relationship. Even in the most private of relationships, if your mate is proud to be with you then they are likely to show you off or, at least, let it be known that you do exist.

4. He (She) Leaves The Room While Answering Their Phone – We get it, some conversations, especially pertaining to sensitive matters, may require a little privacy. Or maybe your mate thinks it’s just rude to carry on an entire conversation with others present in the room. Or that’s probably just what their telling you. If there’s really nothing to hide during those phone conversations then there’s no need to keep them a secret. Maybe there’s something he or she don’t want you to hear and for good reasons.

5. You’ve Never Met Any of His Female (Her Male) “Friends” – It’s important to still have your own identity when in a relationship but if you’ve never met all or most of your mate’s friends, especially those of the opposite sex, something could be up.

What are your thoughts sweethearts, do you agree? Are they other signs of a cheating mate?

*This article is entirely opinion based and for entertainment purposes. We are not relationship experts and advise you see expert advise before drawing any permanent conclusions about your (others) personal relationships.*


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