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Iggy Lashes Out At Photographer, “I hope you catch Ebola…” (Video)



Iggy Azalea may be facing some major controversy after footage surfaced of the Australian rapstress verbally attacking a badgering photographer.

While grocery shopping in Los Angeles CA on October 10, 2014, Iggy lost her cool when a photographer became too aggressive, even going as far as invading her space.

While Iggy attempted to hit the photographer with her shopping cart, a female friend also attempted to spit on him. After the photographer pointed out that spitting on someone was a form of assault and asked whether the ladies had “Aids or Ebola,” things escalated even further when Azalea shot back and yelled, “I hope you have Ebola and die.”

Watch the troublesome video below and share your thoughts.

What are your thoughts sweethearts? Is Iggy’s response understandable considering the circumstances or should she have avoided the altercation all together?


(Photo: Iggy Azalea/Instagram)


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