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A Pregnant Kelly Rowland Poses Nude for Elle Magazine



“You’re glowing”, the simple phrase that most pregnant women get when greeted. And for a pregnant Kelly Rowland, glowing is certainly an understatement. While posing for an Elle magazine spread and feature, Kelly’s presence has been so stunning.

During the interview, she is asked about what kind of celebrity mom she thinks she would be. Her response? “I just plan to play it by ear. Everybody has their normal. And sometimes, award shows are a part of that. I have girlfriends who have that experience, and they’ll say ‘You know, I just really didn’t want to be without my child today.’ And it’s just that simple. It’s about finding your normal, whatever that may be.”


Kelly’s notion of finding your normal is something essential that all celebrities may want to take into consideration. The most important thing to do when caring for a child in the midst of publicity and fame is simply caring for your newborn. Doing what normal mothers do, is exactly what Kelly has obviously decided on doing.

She also states that posing nude for her photo shoot shot by actor turned photographer, Lance Gross, whose also expecting his first child with fiance Rebecca Jefferson, was absolutely “Godmazing”. Unlike some women, who would have had an issue with posing nude, Rowland thinks of it as a celebration of the body.

Congrats to the first time mom-to-be. We can’t wait to meet her newborn baby boy.

(Photos: Kelly Rowland/Instagram/Lance Gross)


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