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‘Aaliyah: Princess of R&B’ Movie Biopic Official Trailer Feat. Iggy (Side Eye)



As we’ve reported, despite the objections from the family of the late Aaliyah, Lifetime has gone ahead and will be releasing the movie biopic based on the singer’s young life, music career and her tragic demise.

Unfortunately for Lifetime, this meant that they were not allowed to use any of the singer’s musical recordings. The network released the official trailer days ago and fan are up in arms at the artist and single the network decided to use instead. Featured in the official trailer is Australian rapper Iggy. How tragic!

We have nothing against Iggy but this was an epic fail! Watch the trailer below and share your thoughts.

The actress who plays the young starlet, Alexandra Shipp, is said to also be a singer. Couldn’t they have used her vocals instead?

On one hand, most of us are frustrated with the late singer’s family and their objections to anything Aaliyah related, on another hand, if it isn’t going to be done right then why do it at all? Something we’re sure the family can agree with.

And here’s a clip of one of the producer’s of the project, talk show maven Wendy Williams, defending her decision to go along with the project despite the family’s wishes.

The film makes it’s premiere of November 15th of Lifetime.

Sweethearts, what are your thoughts on the matter?


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