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[Review] Release The Kraken (Aka The Ratchet Play)



When we think of New York City and the Theater District, we often associate it with big bright lights and the over-sized billboards and skyscrapers of Broadway. We often forget just how vast the New York City theater community really is. Among the large and well known productions are the much smaller ones, encompassing very talented writers, producers and actors, that are often overlooked and under appreciated. Welcome to, Release the Kraken (Aka the Ratchet Play). The small production, put together by creator and directed Phil Williams and writer Chris Patterson, reminds us of that.

The play, which ran for just three days (September 26 until September 28th), was hysterically funny and left the audience wanting more. Noticeably the cast had great chemistry — “a directors dreams,” notes Williams. Although we loved them all, some of the most noteworthy and hilariously funny skits included, “Baby Mama’s & Side Chicks,” “Fairy Dust aka the Gay Pimp,” “50 Cent News,” “The Kanye West Variety Show,” “You Picked the Wrong Nigga,” and “Thot.”

The talented ensemble includes actors Mone’t Fuentes, Josh Johnson, Darnell Lee, Megan Merrick, Maya Posey, Evan Reed, Craig Stewart, and Jazmin Williams.

The only question that now remains is, “When will we get our next batch of all things ratchet?” Although we don’t yet know the answer to that question, we can tell you that Phil Williams is already preparing for his next production later this fall, “Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train,” set for its debut on November 13th at the Milton G. Bassin Performing Arts Center’s Small Theatre in Jamaica, New York. And if “Release the Kraken (Aka the Ratchet Play) is any indicator then you don’t want to miss it.

(Photo: Cotten Kandi Media)


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