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Shad Moss & Erica Mena Still Trying To Convince Us Their “Love” Is Real



So Shad Moss (formerly known as Bow Wow) and Erica Mena are still trying to convince us that “love” they have is real. We told you all last week about Shad and & Erica’s shocking engagement. The couple decided to tie the knot after only six months of secretly dating. The pairing of the unlikely pair has not only left us surprised but has us all wondering ‘is this the real deal or just another publicity stunt?’

Some have even suggested that the couple are intentionally shoving the relationship down our throats in an attempt to convince critics they’re for real. The couple did just that upon sharing several images of each on on social networking site, Instagram, over the weekend. Check out some of their attention seeking, hmmm we mean cute, photos they’ve shared below.

The most noteworthy images are, perhaps, the ones shared while in bed together. Not that we really wanted to see them or anything but the couple decided on sharing them anyway.






What do you guys think? Is the couple adorable or annoying?

Written By: Jazmine Abner

(Photos: Bow Wow/Erica Mena/Instagram)


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