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More Details Emerge Amid Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa’s Split



Over the past week, the news of Amber Rose filing for divorce with Wiz Khalifa has been such a shocker. This is such a surprise due to the fact that the couple shows the world nothing but happiness and a fun filled relationship. Many speculations of Amber allegedly cheating on Wiz with Nick Cannon circulated on social networking sites but Amber was quick to set the record straight. On her twitter page, she stated, “Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever ever cheat on my husband in a million years I think u guys know this…. Unfortunately my now ex husband can’t say the same….”

Cannon did much of the same by dispelling the rumors and added that the two only confided in each other, amid his own split from wife and singer Mariah Carey (READ HERE).

According to TMZ, Wiz Khalifa reported to his friends that he was pretty much over their marriage and didn’t want to be with Amber anymore! Kind of harsh! What makes it worse is that Wiz Khalifa already moved out of their family house and into a spot of his own a few weeks ago. Amber Rose walked in on Wiz and another woman in bed, which made this little “break” more vivid in her eyes to file for divorce.

If the couple do in fact split, Amber could walk away with more than $1 million dollars plus spousal support. Sadly, the custody of their child Sebastian is up for question. Pertaining to the fact that Amber filed for sole custody and Wiz filed for joint custody of their son. This once love story can get very tragic during this custody battle.

One telling sign of the potentially bitter custody battle was Wiz’s recent social media post questioning the sanity of an unidentified woman.

Upon sharing the below image of a woman whose face is covered with the words “psycho” written across a crop top she’s wearing, Wiz’s caption reads, “Are you crazy?”


The post was followed by another shortly after of the couple’s son, Sebastian. This time Wiz showed a more sensitive side captioning the image with, “<3 of my life." Amber-Rose-Wiz-Khalifa-Son-Sebastian-Custody-Battle

We believe the two images could pertain to the couple’s bitter split and the start of what could be an even bitter custody battle.

It was just three short weeks ago when Rose shared the above image of herself and Wiz embraced on their wedding day. The photo was to also commemorate the rapper’s 27th birthday. At the time Rose wrote, “Happy 27th Birthday @mistercap I’ll love u forever…. Hope this year is an amazing one for u sweetheart.”

It’s just unfortunate to see the once madly in love couple split on such bad terms.

CK readers, do you think the two will be able to work out their differences?

Written By: Abby Salami

(Photos: Amber/Wiz/Instagram)


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