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Singer Spotlight: Who Is Mila J?



So, just who is Mila J.

It’s strange just how many celebrities are related and we have no idea. Quite often, we hear about the “superstar” in the family while the sibling remains in the shadow. There are instances, however, where siblings take the spotlight together. Remember the Olsen twins; Mary Kate and Ashley, both receiving great roles, equal stardom and attention. Or how about Beyoncé and Solange Knowles? Although most of us know the sisters and the work they’ve done, both in music and film, it’s Beyonce that holds the throne, wouldn’t you agree? But, if I asked you about Mila J would you know? How about Jhene Aiko, does that ring a bell?


Mila J, born as Jamila Akiko Chilombo is actually Jhene Aiko’s biological sister. With her appearance in Prince’s 1991 video, “”Diamonds and Pearls” gave her much attention, so much so, it landed her a spot in a girl group name “Gyrl”. Mila J was somewhat receiving as much fame in the early 2000’s until she went on a hiatus. Vanishing from the spotlight, gave enough time for her sister to outshine her as a R&B singer. Mila J has slowly creeped back into the game with her feature on Trey Songz, “Disrespectful,” on his new album, Trigga. While Trey is being mentioned, it has been much speculation lately that the two are dating? In fact, the duo were spotted at Neyo’s 3rd Annual Fostering a Legacy Benefit Event just this past Friday, September 12, 2014 (See here for more details).

Mila is also gearing up to release her first EP, ‘M.I.L.A (Made In Los Angeles)’ on September 30, 2014 since her return to the spotlight.

CK readers, do you think Mila has a chance to really shine this time around?

Written By: Abby Salami

(Photos: Mila J/Instagram)


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