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Iggy Azalea Speaks on Alleged Sex Tape via Twitter



Voluptuous femcee Iggy Azalea is facing sex tape allegations after porn giant Vivid Entertainment claims to have their hands on the intimate footage. The owner of Vivid entertainment, Steve Hirsh, has allegedly stated that the video could potentially make more money than Kim Kardashian‘s tape. It has been reported that Iggy turned down the seven figure offer because the woman in the video is not her.

The video can not be released without her consent and her lawyer team are making sure this footage never gets out. However, it’s becoming even more complicated as the days roll by.

Her lawyers allegedly informed TMZ that it could POSSIBLY be her in the video with an ex boyfriend who is seeking revenge. They also stated that she was a minor during the taping and the deed was done without her knowledge. Her lawyers have threatened to sue Vivid if her name is used to market this video.

Iggy posted a series of tweets last night regarding the tape. Check it out:



We hope that she stands her ground and continues to be FAB!

If you ladies were offered a seven figure bonus (not including the residual profits) for a steamy video of you and a lover, would you take the offer or go above and beyond to protect your image? Leave your comments.

Photos/Source: Iggy Azalea/Twitter)

Written By: Jazmine Abner
Twitter/Instagram: @jazzicorleone


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