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Should Women Let Men Do The Pursuing?


Why Do Women Compromise For Their Relationships

When you think of your typical cliché love story, it involves a man pursuing a woman. A little old fashion I would say. We are now living in a time when pride is the only thing standing in between true love. A woman could be strongly attracted to someone very passionately but may not pursue him because of the idea that he is supposed to make the first move. How so?

What if a man is interested but feels that you are unapproachable? I get it all the time. Some men are afraid of being rejected as well. Back in the days, it was okay and very much expected that men courted women. Men were responsible for holding doors, paying for dinner, and other gestures that were considered gentlemanly. In the past, men worked and made money to provide for their families while women nursed and took care of the household.

The question is, “Does this practice spoil women?” In my opinion, there’s no reason why taking care of your family should be called “being spoiled” if that’s what “men are supposed to do”. Or are they? Now, let’s factor in how much dating has changed in modern times. In many cases, women are now seen as an equal and are even advancing faster than men in the workplace. Women now have options on what they can do in their career endeavors and their hard earned money. However, I do believe that most women are still comfortable with a man taking the lead on courting them and have no problem being treating as such. But, shouldn’t a guy be treated as well? Honestly, I believe, courting should be equally divided between the sexes. Should a man initially make the first move? I think yes, but ladies, don’t be discouraged not to. In fact, I say embrace it. Men and women should be able to be flexible in their roles; it’s essential in any phase of the relationship.

So ladies next time you go out, try reaching for your wallet first. Contrary to popular belief, most men don’t have a problem with a women who can provide for themselves. They may have a problem with you flaunting it however. You decide.

Written By: Abby Salami


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