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The Cotten Kandi Diaries: “Sibling Rivalry”



“I love bad bitches that’s my f**king problem…”

The A$AP Rocky single could be heard bursting out of the speakers for at least ten blocks.

Cleo found her new neighbors to be obnoxious. Their arrogant asses felt that it was okay to play loud music at whatever hour of the day and night. She had just gotten home from work and at 7 pm in the evening her Chicago suburban neighborhood was typically quiet. Most residents were home from work, eating dinner, watching television or winding down preparing to do it all again the next day.
When she moved to the neighborhood five years ago, it was a maze of uniformly aligned houses with nearly perfect landscaping. Now, with gentrification hitting much of the major cities across the country, houses were being torn down and replaced by sectionals. A house now became four, with two tenants both occupying the upper and lower levels. Her once uniformly aligned neighborhood was more like patch work — apartment complexes and two family houses emerging amidst the older architecture.
That had been the case with the two-family home directly across the street and in front of her home. The home was occupied by the Moores — both upper and lower levels. While two sisters took control of the top half, their two younger brothers occupied the bottom.

As far as Cleo was concerned, they needed “moore” manners. Unfortunately for her, she knew all the details of the comings and goings of her neighbors across the street. It wasn’t very difficult not to actually. In the last few months she had made friends with one of the sisters, Vita. The name was a moniker short for Lavita. Vita and Cleo was about the same age, 32. It was Vita who approached Cleo in their local supermarket one Saturday morning in the dairy aisle. Vita immediately drummed up a conversation, where she did most of the talking, which resulted in Cleo being invited to their home.

Cleo politely declined the invitation but made a mental note of how warm and inviting Vita had been. She was actually surprised that Vita had this gentle yet assertive manner about her. From the loud music and childish antics the brothers were frequently engaged in, like driving motorbikes in the middle of the residential street, you’d think the entire Moore brood was alike.

The music could still be heard well after 8pm. It was at that point that Cleo decided that although she didn’t want to, she had to go across to her neighbors’ home and ask them politely to turn the music down. She advised herself against calling 911 because it would cause a scene and could potentially cause bad blood with the Moores if they ever discovered it was she who called the cops. She decided, instead, that she would just go over and ask her neighbors to turn the music down.

Upon opening her front door, the sound resonated even louder. Cleo was surprised none of the other neighbors were bothered by the noise, or perhaps, they were too afraid to say anything. Well, today was one of those days Cleo wasn’t going to let it go and didn’t care what anyone would have to say about it.

She crossed the street to the dark burgundy home, up the steep four flights of steps and rung the bottom bell. She was certain that’s where the noise was coming from; the section of the home where the Moore brothers resided.

It took three rings before anyone came to the door but Cleo hadn’t been surprised considering the music was so loud, but, this made her even more upset.
He swung the door open abruptly as if he was surprised anyone would be standing there.
Cleo was suddenly lost for words. He stood 6 ft. tall with broad shoulders, light grey eyes and a golden honey complexion. He stood there as if he didn’t know what to say either. Suddenly a second figure appeared at the door. It was he who spoke.

“Hi. How can we help you?”

It was at this point that Cleo turned to the stranger’s face that greeted her. Much like the first, he stood 6 ft., broad shoulders, light grey eyes with a golden honey complexion, only this time, he was a few shades darker. Again, Cleo was at a loss for words. Thirty seconds later she finally got up the nerve to speak to both men simultaneously.

“Hi I’m Cleo. I live directly across the street.”

Her tone was much cooler, calm and collected than she had anticipated. She hadn’t expected them to look this good. She always caught a glimpse of the brothers, due to their disruptive antics, but, somehow it was never during daylight. She’d peep out her window from time-to-time to see the brothers in action but hadn’t actually gotten a thorough look at them before now. They were sexy as hell; too damn fine. They were making it hard to complain and be as assertive as she’d wanted.

“Oh we know who you are. You’re Cleo, right? Vita told us about you.”

She assumed this was the younger brother. Although they looked alike, he had a more youthful appearance and demeanor than the other.

“I’m Marcus and this is Trevor,” he continued.

Cleo couldn’t help but to replay the words in her head. “Oh we know who you are…” What the hell that was supposed to mean, she wondered. There was something in his tone that gave her the inclination that she had been a topic of discussion in the Moore house before. The one she assumed was the older brother finally mustered up the guts to say something.

“Yeah, yeah I’m Trevor. What brings you to our front door?”

“Actually, can ya’ll turn the music down. It’s disturbing the entire neighborhood,” she answered abruptly. Both brothers looked at each other as if they weren’t prepared for the response.

“Sorry but I think you should know the music’s too loud and residents have been complaining,” she added.

“Oh sorry about that, we figured as long as we cut the music off by 8pm we were good,” said Marcus.
“Yeah but it’s now past 8:30 and its disturbing. Do you mind turning it down?”

She wasn’t sure if there was some “play your music as loud as you want before 8pm” rule or not but felt it was just common sense to not disturb your neighbors and the entire neighborhood. It bothered her that the response was so nonchalant and inconsiderate.

“Oh sorry about that, you know we forgot how much the sound resonates in the neighborhood. We’re so use to our old neighborhood. It was kind of normal,” Marcus replied again.

“Well okay then. I appreciate it. Thank you for being so understanding,” she replied again.
She was preparing to leave when Trevor spoke again. “You know Cleo feel free to stop by anytime. A friend of Vita’s is a friend of ours.”

Friend? Now, that was a stretch. Cleo didn’t really consider Vita to be a friend. In fact, she didn’t have many friends, just her childhood bestie who was now married with three children. The difference in their lifestyle made it difficult to schedule time to catch up.
“Oh, okay sure.”

Cleo could feel the brothers burning a hole through the back of her head (her ass) as she walked down the steps, out the gate, and back across the street.

Cleo, stood at an above average 5 “8”, weighed 143lbs, with a shapely butt and hips. Although she wasn’t overtly sexy, with a size 36B cup, a heart-shaped face, a pair of big brown eyes, shortly cropped natural hair and a milk chocolate skin complexion, she never really had a problem grabbing any man’s attention.

By the time she made it back inside, the music could no longer be heard. She assumed the brothers had decided to turn the music off instead. She hadn’t meant to offend her neighbors but right was right and wrong was wrong, they needed to be more considerate of the level of noise they contributed to in the neighborhood.

The next few weeks were eerily quiet but Cleo also saw more of the brothers than expected. She ran into them at the local gas station, Dunkin Donuts, supermarket and mall. Just about everywhere. She began to wonder if this was all a mere coincidence or planned.

One Wednesday evening when Cleo decided to make a quick run to the minimart around the corner from her home, it was Trevor whom she ran into to.

He startled her after tapping her on the shoulders in the produce section.
“Hi, wow, you scared me half to death!”

Initially laughing at her hysteria, Trevor offered her a hand with the small basket that was growing heavier by the minute.

“Can I help you with that?”

“Oh no, I’m fine. This is nothing. I’ll manage,” she stated, but, Trevor still insisted, grabbed the basket and continued talking.

“I wanted to apologize again for being so disruptive these past few months. We didn’t realize how loud we were being.”

“Really? The volume was only on level ten of course you didn’t know,” she answered sarcastically.
This time, they both laughed.

“You know, we feel like we should make it up to you.”

“Who is we?”

“Marcus and I. And, besides you’re Vita’s friend and she’d love for you to come over.”

He was right. On the few occasions they’d run into each other, even after the turn the music down scenario, Vita had asked for her to come over for dinner.

“Hmmm… I don’t know.”

“Come on. Don’t act shy now girl. Not the way you came marching over our house and playing drill sergeant a few weeks ago.”

They both laughed again.

“Oh please, I wasn’t that bad. I asked nicely didn’t I?”

“Well, you tried but I could still hear the sassiness in your voice.”

“Yeah but ya’ll had it coming. Why do ya’ll play loud music all the time for anyway?”

“Well, we’re a close knit family and we love to eat, laugh, dance around and just have a good time. What do you do for fun?”

The last time Cleo had anything resembling fun was probably two years ago for her 30th birthday. Her parents, close friends and extended family threw her a big birthday bash.

“Hmmm…I don’t have time for fun. It’s mainly work and home.”

“And what exactly is it you do for a living?”

Well someone was being inquisitive, she thought.

“I’m a Project Manager for a business consulting firm. What about you?”

“My brother and I run our own construction and plumbing business. Can’t you tell? I’m not exactly a suit and tie kind of guy.”

It was true. The brothers were often dressed in faded jeans and tee shirt with dirt and permanent paint splatter all over them.

“Yes, I see.”

“So, it’s a date then right? Tomorrow night at 7?


“Yes, you, me, Marcus, Vita and Cecily for dinner tomorrow.”

Before she could answer he responded again.

“Between you and me, Vita could really use a friend outside of just the immediate family.”

“Hmmm….okay I guess I’ll come.”

“Okay great, it’s a date.”

Cleo felt uncomfortable at the word date. Maybe he meant it in an incident kind of way but it still made her nervous.

The duo gathered some more items and made their way to the register, paid and exited. Upon entering the parking lot, she could see Marcus sitting in the passenger seat of the Ford truck they both drove on occasions.

She guessed they really did everything together.

Cleo promptly gathered her groceries, placed them in her car and sped off.

It took her just five minutes to drive back home but by the time she got there, she no longer wanted to cook. It was the whole reason she went to the mini-mart in the first place. At this point, she was tired and just wanted to go to bed. She guessed it would be another TV dinner kind of night and heated the frozen parmesan, chicken and broccoli and apple sauce combo, ate and went to bed.

The next morning Cleo found herself actually looking forward to dinner later on that evening. She had become so accustomed to going home to an empty house and eating alone that she was a bit too eager.

It would be nice to have someone cook for her and entertain her for a change. The moment she got off work she rushed home, took a quick shower, and changed into a dark burgundy wrap dress. She thought the dress was fitting for the occasion — semi-dressy but still casual — a short-sleeve mid length right above the knees fit. She didn’t want to dress as if she’d be going to an actual date and overdo it on the sexy.

She quickly applied some light makeup, burgundy lipstick, and fluffed her natural curls. She was actually having a good hair day and didn’t need much retouching.

It was 10 to 7 when Vita called. She’d actually forgotten they’d even exchanged numbers during one of their casual run-ins and conversations.

“Hey girl, you ready? We waiting on you.”

“Yeah, was about to head over. I was told to come at 7 so I didn’t want to be too early.”

“Girl please you better get over here while the food is still hot. We just took the pie out the oven.”

Vita was very talkative. Before Cleo could respond she started telling her about their other guest that evening. She hadn’t anticipated there would be another guest. Trevor had only mentioned himself, Marcus, Vita and Cecily, the sister she was yet to meet.

“Yeah so Cecily is bringing her new boyfriend, Frederick. I can’t stand him though. He’s kind of a creep. It’s like I don’t see her anymore since she been dating him.”

It was starting to make sense. Trevor did say they were a close knit family. Cleo assumed that with Cecily now dating Frederick and he and Marcus working and spending so much time together, Vita felt left out.

“Why you say that,” she could hear herself asking.

“He’s just a creep. You know, he’s always checking out some other woman. He even does it in front of Ci. She laughs it off like, ‘oh we’re so open with our relationship’ crap. Yeah whatever.”
“Anyway,” she said changing the subject. “I’ll see you in a few.”

Cleo approached the burgundy home and walked up the steps. For some reason she was feeling a bit self-conscious but not sure why.

After ringing the bell, Vita opened the door and greeted her.
“Come in come in.”

Not long after Marcus and Trevor joined.

“Hey Vita,” they said simultaneously. It was hard to forget they weren’t twins.

“You look good girl. It’s hard to tell in all that business attire you always in,” said Marcus.
“Yeah girl you clean up nice,” Trevor added and laughed.

“Okay Cleo come meet everyone else and don’t let these two waste your time. They’re already giddy anyway since they’ve been drinking.”

“Hey Cleo, thanks for finally joining the party. Now you know who to blame, your new found BFF cause Vi loves to party,” Marcus added before Vita could wisp her away. At that very moment, Trevor then turned on the stereo and Nina Sky’s “Curtain Call” began blasting out the speakers.

‘What the hell did I get myself into,’ Cleo wondered.

Vita introduced her to Cecily and Fred, whom were all over each other.

“Hi Cleo, it’s finally nice to meet you. My brothers have been gushing about how beautiful you are.”

“Eh em! Don’t mind Ci Cleo she has no filter,” Vita stated in an attempt to not have Cecily say anything embarrassing.

It was at that point that Fred stood up to introduce himself.

“Yes, yes Cleo, gorgeous indeed. I’m Frederick by the way but just call me Fred,” he said all the while licking his lips and never really making any eye contact with Cleo.

Ohhhkayyy, Fred was a weirdo. She had just realized what Vita was talking about. Creep status!
“Let’s wash our hands and bless the food children,” Vita announced not long after.

It didn’t take much time getting everyone settled and seated at the table. Marcus and Trevor made sure to position themselves on both sides of Cleo, which made her blush. She was actually intrigued with the family. She loved that they had such a tight bond and was so genuinely happy around each other. Although she chimed in where necessary, when discussing her work and being an only child, she listened intently. And she learned quite a bit about the Moores, where they lived before, their childhood, age and what they all did for a living as well.

Although Cecily was the oldest at 33, it was Vita who made sure everyone was “in line,” as she puts it. Trevor was 31 and Marcus, 30. The close proximity in age was what contributed to their close bond she figured.

While Vita worked as a pharmacist at a local CVS, Cecily had just gone back to school to pursue a Master’s in education while working part-time as a teacher’s aide at a local elementary school. It’s how she met Fred, whom also worked at the school. It was hard to believe Fred would be responsible for working with anyone’s children. He was just a bit creepy.

Dinner was plentiful, to say the least. Vita really out did herself. Cleo thought that maybe Thanksgiving had come early. There was baked mac and cheese, a whole baked chicken, greens, mashed potatoes, string beans and a sweet potato pie, and lots of liquor. Every time Cleo emptied her wine glass, Vita poured her some more. Everyone was really enjoying themselves; so much so, Fred and Cecily started dancing and got everyone to join in, even Cleo. Marcus and Trevor were having a ball laughing at Cleo. She was a “sista” but one that had little rhythm. It was much more fun joining the brood than being the cranky neighbor who enforced noise control.

At around 9 pm, Fred and Cecily were now slow dancing in the far corner of the room. Vita — still seated at the dinner table — was noticeably intoxicated while she sang along to the Isley Brothers tune.

Marcus thought that it was at this very moment that he could make his move. He grabbed Cleo by the arm and pulled her towards him midway into her solo dance session. The music had shifted to something much lighter and it was easy to glide along with him. Trevor decided he’d join in on the slow dance and Cleo became sandwiched between them, with Marcus in the front Trevor in back. She’d forgotten what a man’s touch felt like. It had been nearly a year since she’d been intimate with and touched by one.

With half the group too intoxicated to notice, the trio continued to slow dance.
She should have said something but nothing came out of her mouth. She could tell that the dinner party wasn’t going to end the way she had anticipated.

The brothers had been throwing hints around all night. It was clear that they found her attractive. Although trying to be discreet initially, they no longer cared to hide their true intent. Marcus had offered to fix her plate. Trevor “accidentally” get brushing his arm against hers during dinner.
She knew that it was the alcohol that contributed to the lack of self-control but couldn’t resist temptation, or she just didn’t care to.

They were both starting to get erect. She could feel Marcus’ manhood on her lower abdomen and Trevor’s right above her ass.

Faith Evans’ “I Love You” was playing now and the dim lights cascaded around the room bounding off the deep burgundy hue from the walls. It all seemed romantic but this was more about lust and desire, three adults feeling horny and too inebriated to stop themselves. While Marcus’ hands were clasped on her waist, just enough so that his fingertips were also touching the sides of her butt, Trevor’s hands were below her bosoms also while holding her from behind. He took his right arm and gently glided it up and down her upper arm and started kissing the back of her neck. They were soft kisses, no sense of urgency with him.

Marcus, perhaps more inebriated than Cleo and Trevor, pulled her closer and kissed her on the lips and pulled away momentarily to stare in her eyes. He kissed her again, only deeper, — tongues swirling, heads turning and eyes closed. This may have made another man uncomfortable, but not Trevor. He wanted to engage. While Marcus and Cleo made out, all the while still dancing to the music, Trevor glided both hands to her breasts and groped them, forcing Marcus to back away slightly. It didn’t take long for Trevor’s hands to slide down to her other pair of lips. The motion caught her off guard and she moaned.

At some point, Fred and Cecily had disappeared and Vita was fast asleep at the dining room table.
The trio continued to slow dance to the music with each man on either side of her, groping the part of her body the other had left untouched.

The music stopped and for a moment they all came to. It was 9:30 pm and it was only a Tuesday. Cleo realized she had work the next day. In fact they all did.

“I should really be leaving,” she said.

“Yeah, is that what you think?” Marcus asked.

“You ain’t going no where,” Trevor added.

Cleo initially thought to resist. She tried breaking loose of the men and head towards the door but Trevor grabbed her by the arm and pulled her toward him and the closest wall. Leaning in close, he placed her by the neck, closer to his face for a kiss.

This time it was Marcus that was watching, but, he wouldn’t be as patient. As if to exit the room, Marcus grabbed Cleo’s right arm, breaking up the make out session, and pulled her towards the staircase leading to his bedroom.

When Cleo realized what he intentions were she resisted, again, and tried to break free. It was Trevor, again, who prevented this from happening and wisp her off her feet over his shoulders and up the stairs while Marcus followed behind them.

She felt some mixed emotions. Although she was tempted by the brothers she wasn’t sure whether she was ready for repercussions of her actions.

How could she not see this coming? She’d been attracted to them both from the beginning and them to her. She wasn’t certain where this would lead, but two brothers at the same time? Now, that’s just crazy she thought.

Immediately after heading up to the guest bedroom, Trevor placed her on the ground and didn’t waste any more time kissing her again while Marcus undressed down to his boxers. Marcus approached the two of them and stood right behind Cleo. He slipped his left hand up her dress and between her thighs to part her lips. He could feel that she was as excited as they were because she moaned immediately.
Trevor assisted by taking her dress off — leaving her bare in a beige bra and panty set. She was nervous but also anxious. It was Trevor who placed her vertically on the bed slipped off her shoe, then her underwear, and left her bra for last. He kissed her nipples, one at a time and sucked on them gently, all the while with Marcus in the room watching and waiting for his turn.

Trevor proceeded to move his head downward, kissing on her stomach, then her navel while fondling her breasts. He sat up in a semi-straddling position on top of her and positioned her legs over his shoulders before burying his head between her thighs.

It was Marcus’ turn to make his move. While Trevor sucked on her clitoris, Marcus engulfed each with his mouth. Cleo could barely compose herself. With one brother working his magic on top, the other worked his magic down below.

“This is all about you tonight so relax and enjoy it,” Marcus stated.

Enjoy it she would.

She was the only one who’d been fully naked at this point until Marcus took his boxers off and reached for a condom.

Before he could say anything, Trevor had just come up for air after pleasuring her for nearly 15 minutes.

She could tell they had done this before, but, didn’t want to allow her mind to wonder off and ruin the moment. This would have to stay between them, nothing more nothing less.
Marcus’ penis wasn’t overly endowed but he was above average in length and width. Cleo just hoped that he knew how to use it.

When he entered her, he had been gentle at first but the strokes became faster and deeper, just the way she liked it.

In a chair nearby, Trevor sat watching while playing with himself. She could tell that him watching them made him even more excited. So much so, he began providing instructions.
“Pull her hair”, “Grab her ass”, “Sh*t make her moan….”

Marcus hadn’t intended on climaxing. He hadn’t intended on making Cleo climax either. As far as he was concerned, this was only round one and Trevor was more than eager to take over where he left off.
Cleo could tell there was some sibling rivalry going on. Trevor flipped her over onto her stomach and instructed she arch her back so she could be in the right position while he hit it from the back.
Doggy-style was her favorite position and she enjoyed every moment and every stroke while his balls bounced off her ass. But Marcus couldn’t sit on the side-line watching. He was too eager and. This time he positioned her on-top and instructed she ride him. Trevor was also on the bed, this time, kissing her and again fondling her breasts.

Marcus had just reached his peak in time when Trevor demanded he take over again. He wanted her to beg for it and entered her just enough for her to beg for more. And, she did.
What Cleo enjoyed most with him was that he was patient and made love to her mind as well as her body.

Neither brother was overly endowed but knew exactly what to do to turn her on and keep her wanting more.

While she enjoyed every bit of the sexscapade, she was also shocked at her behavior. She couldn’t believe she’d allowed herself to lose this much control. Their relationship would never be the same. They were not going to be able to just be just friends and neither brother could be her lover. The lines had already been crossed and there was no turning back. She knew that although this was the first encounter it wouldn’t be the last. She was already anticipating for “moore.”

Written By: Ms. Toni

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