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Tahiry Jose Attacked During NYFW Runway Show



While preparing for her New York Fashion Week runway debut, Monday night, “Love & Hip Hop New York” reality star, Tahiry Jose, was violently assaulted by a man. Tahiry was participating in a runway show for Toure Designs when the attack took place. According to Bossip.com, information concerning the incident is still surfacing, however they have obtained the following details.

“Yesterday, while preparing to walk in her first runway show with Toure Designs, reality star Tahiry Jose was viciously attacked by Carlos Gonzales, who serves as the production manager of the Helen Mills event venue, where the show was to be held. Carlos had shown a strong disliking towards Tahiry from the beginning of their interaction, with everything from rude comments to an utter lack of respect for her as a woman. One bystander who witnessed the attack stated that the altercation began when Tahiry questioned Carlos as to why he was being so rude to her, which triggered him to “black out” on her, spewing foul commentary as he walked closer to her. After Tahiry warned him not to speak to her that way, he got closer began strike her. During the attack, Carlos repeatedly struck Tahiry multiple times while attempting to drag her by her hair. It took 7-8 men to pull him off of her.”

Tahiry was released from Lenox hospital and is now home recovering. The public relations firm that managed the event was also on Tahiry’s dark side. MadameNoire.com adds that they may have been the underlying reason behind the altercation due to belittling and disrespectful behavior towards Tahiry and her team. They were reportedly hesitant to stop the attack and, when it ended, they rushed Tahiry’s team to a private room which prolonged medical attention.

The event was cancelled last minute as a result.

We wish Ms. Jose a speedy recovery and we pray that justice will be served.

(Photo: Tahiry/Instagram)

Written By: Jazmine Abner


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