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Is Wearing White After Labor Day Really A Big Deal?



Wearing white after Labor Day has been frowned upon in the fashion world for years. Supposedly the fashion rule originated from early fashion magazine editors discouraging it. The rule was strictly enforced in the 1950s and 60s and it was taboo for a person to be wearing any piece of white clothing or shoes after the holiday.

Times have changed and the fashion rule is now considered to be outdated. “Winter white”, cream, or other off-white colors used to be the only acceptable forms of white clothing post Labor Day. Now you will see fashion forward trendsetters and celebs rocking all variations of white all year long.

The best way to wear white after Labor Day is to pair it with other pieces of clothing from the fall season. For example pairing a white or cream top with black, gray, or navy blue bottoms is definitely a good look. The material of the clothing is very important too. Wearing silk or other thin fabrics in the fall/winter leaves you feeling cold and looking silly.

So if you still have white items in your closet that you want to wear this season, wear them! The stigma has been lifted, and it’s okay to show your style in white. Will you be wearing white this fall?

Written By: Athena Thomas of www.Stylingonabudget.com


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