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Designer of Toure Designs Dispute Reports Over Tahiry Jose Fashion Show Brawl



Earlier today we reported on a fight concerning, “Love and Hip Hop” star, Tahiry Jose, and a man by the name of Carlos Gonzales. It’s been reportedly by several media outlets, that just before Jose was supposed to take center stage at a Toure Designs fashion show, earlier in the week, she was brutally attacked by the man in question.

The designer, Toure, of Toure Designs is now speaking out to clear the air, and his name, by further clarifying what actually took place.

“I would like to take the time to clear my company’s name, as this was not a Toure Designs show. We were part of the Angola International Fashion Show event. The incident didn’t take place backstage, it happened in front of the venue.”

“The Production Manager of the venue Carlos Gonzalez, seemed to already be against this event happening before the altercation took place,” he adds. “I would like to apologize to my fans and celebrity attendees that came to support me for this unfortunate incident. This was something that was totally not in my control. We at Toure Designs do not support or condone violence of any type let alone against women. We wish a speedy recovery to Tahiry.”

Following the altercation, Jose is said to have been taken to a nearby hospital to seek medical attention. She is now recovering from the incident at home.

It’s very unfortunate that this had to happen. We wish the star a speedy recovery as well.


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