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A Day Late & A Dollar Short: Shantal Jackson Sues Floyd Mayweather for Abuse



Now, we don’t condone abuse by any means but Ms. Shantal Jackson‘s timing on wanting to sue ex-fiance and boxer, Floyd Mayweather, is a bit suspicious.

It’s been, at least, a year since the model and the boxer “officially” broke up, but somehow, she’s chosen now to sue him for the alleged attacks and death threats.

Oh, and did we mention there’s much talk that Jackson is working on an upcoming BET reality show with current beau and rapper Nelly?!

Hmmmm…Ms. Jackson Ms. Jackson, we sympathize with you girl but…in the words of “Marrried to Medicine” stars, Mariah Huq and Quad Webb-Lunceford, “Messy Boots!!!”

And get this, Shantal enlisted, suspected “man hater,” attorney Gloria Allred to represent her. The same attorney that’s represented Tiger Woods, Ashton Kutcher and Jesse James’ mistresses. Allred seems to think that mistresses have rights to stake claim on a married man’s assets even while knowing he’s married when the affair began.

As reported by TMZ…

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Jackson claims Floyd first got violent with her back in 2012 … right after he was released from the slammer in a domestic violence case involving another woman.

Jackson claims the two were arguing when “He twisted [her] arm, choked her and forcibly took her phone away from her to look through it.”

Jackson claims Mayweather got violent again in April 2013 … when during another argument, he “bent her arm, restrained her, and pointed a gun at her foot, asking ‘Which toe do you want me to shoot?'”

In her suit, Jackson claims he then demanded her to remove her 17 carat diamond engagement ring at gunpoint.

Jackson also claims Mayweather invaded her privacy when he posted photos of her sonogram on social media — and claimed the “real” reason they broke up is because she “killed our twin babies.”

There’s more … Jackson claims Mayweather struck again in Feb. 2014 at his condo at the Ritz in L.A.

Shantel claims she was trying to leave following yet another argument — when Floyd grabbed her by the arm and dragged her back inside. She claims Floyd blocked her from leaving for more than an hour.

She’s suing for assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, harassment and more.

Look, domestic violence is a serious offense and Mayweather has been accused of some of the same before, but, why wait six months after the last incident took place to file a suit?

My guess? Shantal didn’t want the boxer to go back to jail but is willing to get a payout from the situation.

CK readers, what are your thoughts on the matter? Do you sympathize with Jackson or smell fraud?



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