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Chris Brown Urges Girlfriend Karrueche To Have His Baby



Although recently being at odds during one of their multiple break ups, Chris Brown would like longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran to have his baby.

During the weekly #WomanCrushWednesday trend on social media, Brown shared the above image of Tran adding, “@karrueche damn near 5 years and this woman still putting up with my shit. Need to have this baby and stop playing! Lol! My WCW.”

Although we admit the gesture was a little adorable, we couldn’t help but to notice the singer, however, failed to mention if marriage was also in the near future.

Our advice to Tran? Not a good idea!

Many responders on social media reiterated much of the same comments. It’s no secret, Tran has sure enough endured a lot from the singer. Between his rehab stint, jail time and arrests related to assault, numerous cheating allegations, and the now infamous Chrianna (Chris Brown and Rihanna) love triangle back in 2012-2013, Tran has stood by his side through it all. to refresh your memory, the singer broke up with Tran to get his with his then ex, Rihanna at the time. Although the two would get back together later, the act left the public thinking Tran may be too submissive in the relationship; taking lightly to the disrespect. But it was, and still is, Tran’s choice to forgive and resume her relationship with the singer.

In fact, just earlier this week, Tran shared an image (below) of herself and Brown in a loving embracing captioned with, “Lovers.. Friends.. We love, we laugh, we fight.. It’s complicated and I can’t explain it but it’s not for you to understand but us .. My MCM.”


We wish the couple all the best.

(Photos: Chris Brown/Karrueche Tran/Instagram)


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