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Justice? Black Teen, Michael Brown, Shot Eight Times & Killed By Missouri Police



The killing of an unarmed black teen in Saint Louis, Missouri, on Saturday, has gotten one community up in arms.

While on his way home, Michael Brown, 17, was shot eight times by Ferguson County police officers over suspicion of shoplifting.

Brown’s grandmother revealed finding his body following the shooting and after witnessing him walk by her home. She also revealed that her grandson didn’t actually live in the neighborhood but had been visiting.

Following the unfortunate shooting and reports, members of the community all came together in protest and demanded answers for what could have caused the death of the unarmed teen.

In his own protest, a man identified as the victim’s step-father wore a handmade sign declaring, “Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son!!!”

Brown’s mother, identified as Lesley McSpadden, also broke her silence questioning the officers’ use of excessive force ultimately killing her son.

The officer said to be responsible for the shooting has been, reportedly, placed on administrative paid leave pending investigation of Brown’s death.

Brown was a recent high school graduate who was set to start college on Monday.

Mike Brown’s step-dad protest following the shooting

Mike’s mother,Lesley McSpadden speaks out

Rest in peace Mike Brown. We hope that justice will be served.

(Photos: Instagram)


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  • I swear the police know they will get away with it and can’t help themselves. Recently in Toronto the cops took down a young white male WITH A KNIFE. People caught the footage on the cameras, and FINALLY a cop got charged with murder. I’m sorry but some cops are dying to take a life, and God help you if you are in their way. RIP Michael Brown!