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Lil’ Kim Shades Nicki Minaj With ‘Identity Theft’ Diss



If you’ve been tuning in to all things Lil’ Kim these days, then you know, she’s dissing nemesis Nicki Minaj again! This time, the Queen Bee is claiming identity theft.

Kim shared the above image on Wednesday adding, “Be careful what you wish for… #HardCoreMixtapeUpNext #TheQueenIsBack #QueenBee”

It’s clear Kim was taking a jab at Nicki for presumably biting off of her image to launch her now success rap career.

And, it was one day earlier that Kim shared a “Flawless” remix replacing Nicki’s verse (Listen HERE) on the Beyonce single.


Upon sharing the above single cover, Kim also announced her up coming mixtape. She wrote, “SEE YOU BITCHES #QueenBee #Flawless #HardCoreMixtapeUpNext #HardCoreTour2014…”

First let me say that, as a Lil’ Kim fan I am disappointed. Kim’s issue with Nicki Minaj has reached the point of mere bitterness.

Let’s face it, was Nicki inspired by Kim? Absolutely! I think Nicki denying that would be a lie. But, to be fair, most artists are inspired by those who’ve paved the way before them.

Despite, Nicki’s visual image and Lil’ Kim impersonation, if that’s what you want to call it, she’s still carved out her own lane and has surpass Kim’s own career success.

In my opinion, it would have been in Kim’s favor to have befriended Nicki from the get go.

Nicki, very early on in her career, paid homage to Kim on numerous occasions so what does she owe her now?

My guess, Kim is using whatever advantage she thinks she has over Nicki to stay relevant.

The only issue, if you’re going to continue to call yourself the queen of Hip Hop you’ve got to deliver musically. Nicki keeps winning because she’s current and puts out music people want to hear. Dissing the fellow rapper can’t be your only stake to fame at this point in your career.

Furthermore, didn’t Kim just have a baby? Can she take a breather for a second, stop spewing hate and just be a mother?

Listen to Kim’s “Flawless” remix and “Identity Theft” diss below and share your thoughts.

(Photos: Lil’ Kim)


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