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Move Over Lifetime: Aaliyah Film Coming To A Big Screen



More bad new for Lifetime! Although the network was dead set on producing a biopic on the life of the late singer and actress, Aaliyah, they’ve been faced with opposition and set backs. Well, here’s one more. After Aaliyah’s family publicly spoke out against the direction they felt the film had taken, they’ve now decided to produce the movie themselves. In fact, they’re attempting to bypass a television movie and go straight to the big screen.

The film, produced by Aaliyah’s uncle, Barry Hankerson, and said to hit theaters in late 2015, even has a potential leading lady. Independent artist B. Simone is said to have been cast to play the role of the songstress.


Wow! Can we say dead on?! We can’t deny B. looks like the spitting image of the late singer. The closest we’ve seen thus far actually.

Previously enlisted to play the role had been actress Zendaya Coleman, who dropped out after learning of Aaliyah’s family’s disapproval of the film. She also received backlash from some of Aaliyah’s fans who believed she was not the right fit. Actress Alexandra Shipp has since replaced Coleman to appear in the Lifetime biopic.

It’s also been reported that the film may be directed by author Zane. Remember “Sex Chronicles?” Yup, that Zane. Other potential cast members include actor Terrence Howard and Wood Harris. We’re not quite sure which roles they’ll play however.

What do you think CK readers, could B.Simone finally be the right actress to play the role?

(Source: Tattle Tailzz)


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