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When Thugs Scream: DMX Recorded On Amusement Park Ride



In a very funny video, rapper DMX was recorded while riding the Sling Shot at Orlando’s Magical Midway in Florida over the weekend.

Although attending an amusement park and getting on a few rides is a pretty normal activity, it was the rapper’s scream heard all around the world after the footage went viral, that has everyone talking.

According to the park manager, Tracy Kircher, X has been coming to the park for years. It’s just what he had been doing when he accompanied his daughters at the amusement park on Friday.

“He actually recognizes the staff when he walks in,” says Kircher. And despite the rapper’s screams Kircher says that he was just “having a good ol’ time.”

Check out the clip below and share your thoughts.

Ha! Did you enjoy the footage as much as we did?

Do you believe X was just kidding around or really shock up from the ride?

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