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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada Wants To Reconcile With Jennifer ?



Are ex ‘Basketball Wives’ besties, Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams, on the road to reconciliation? That may be so for one of the women, but, not so much for the other.

Earlier in the week, Evelyn expressed, via social media, that she had missed her former BFF when she tweeted the below message.


The message was followed with responses to fans on whether there would be another ‘Basketball Wives’ (don’t hold your breathe) and growing up and putting the past behind her.

Not long after, word got back to Jen about Evelyn’s message and although she did not direct her response to anyone in particular she tweeted the below.



If you all remember, Jen and Ev’s friendship ended abruptly when Ev called her out for dissing and publicly discussing her relationship with then fiance and football star Chad Johnson.

In fact, the duo nearly came to blows over the entire ordeal.

Although Ev and Chad’s relationship and brief marriage ended not long after, the ladies have yet to patch things up.

In response to her former BFF Ev again tweeted the following message.


Lozada has since moved on to have a baby boy, Carl “Leo” Crawford, and is currently engaged to baseball player Carl Crawford.

As for Jen, she finally finalized her divorce from former NBA player Eric Williams and simply living her life.

What are your thoughts CK readers? Should the ladies reconcile?


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