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Former Destiny’s Child Member Farrah Franklin Arrested



Former Destiny’s Child singer Farrah Franklin is in hot water today. Franklin was arrested in South Carolin, Sunday morning, for disorderly conduct.

It also appears that Franklin was heavily intoxicated at the time of her arrest.

“Franklin — who who spent 5 months with the group in 2000 before Beyonce and Kelly Rowland gave her the boot — was booked into the Horry County Detention Center in Conway around 5AM,” TMZ.com reports.

The site later adds, “…she was found laying in a random person’s front yard and told cops she planned on sleeping in the woods.”

But the plot thickens. According to the police report..

NFL player Da’Quan Bowers flew Franklin to Myrtle Beach. The two of them, along with NFL player Ricky Sapp went out on the town Saturday day and night … and the alcohol was flowing. They all went back to Sapp’s place and it became apparent to everyone Franklin was wasted.

Sapp and Bowers both told police they thought Franklin had been doing drugs. Bowers told police he was suspicious of Franklin because she would go to the bathroom for extended periods of time.

Bowers and Sapp say they called cops after Franklin went nuts, screaming and slamming doors. They told police Franklin fled. Cops combed the neighborhood and eventually found Franklin laying down in a neighbor’s lawn.


And this isn’t the first time Franklin was booked on disorderly conduct and public intoxication charges.

She was arrested back in 2011 while in Los Angeles for the same offense. At the time, she claimed she was the victim of racial profiling.

She was released Sunday afternoon on bond.


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